Tired of Switching Careers?

Now, is the Time to Stop Switching Careers.

If you find yourself in an endless cycle of switching careers, maybe it’s time to find a more permanent opportunity with residual income, training, and more.

Ben came to The Howard Group out of a failed mortgage career. When the market collapsed he jumped from one dead-end job to another. After looking for yet another job, he found Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company.

When he first came, he didn’t know what to expect—he just knew he needed a job.

However, this opportunity quickly became more than just a job. Ben was finally done switching careers. It became a career that was filled with unlimited potential for growth and income. His income is made up of active sales and residual income, or passive income. Residual income is built on all of his past sales on active accounts.  Read more about residual income on the Residual Income Is The Key To Success blog.

Today, he is still amazed at the income he makes. This figure is one that he couldn’t even image before. Now, it’s a reality.

This reality is open for anyone who is willing to work, is coachable, and enjoys people. If you’re ready to be a success, there is no better place for you.

Meet Ben

Interested? We Hope So!

If Ben described a career you’d like to join with: a great team, the ability to be financially stable, and the skill set to help others in the process, learn more about us.

Feel free to browse our WebsiteFacebook, and YouTube channel. You could be looking at your last career change.



The Howard Group has territories in the Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, and Florida area.


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