Looking to make a career change

Is it Time to Make a Career Change?

Is it time to move on from your current job?

Thinking of making a career change?

There are times in life where a change of scenery is needed especially when it comes to jobs. However, it can be difficult to know if it’s time to make the plunge or stick it out in your current employment. Here are some signs that your current job is not the career you are destined for:

  1. Lack of appreciation. It seems that no matter how great of a job you preform—no one seems to take notice. It’s a terrible feeling to be unappreciated or worse, second-guess where you stand.
  2. You’ve outgrown your position. It’s been a great run—but there is nowhere for you to move from here. You’ve climbed the ladder as high as possible, learned all that you can, and have a stagnant salary.
  3. You’re income doesn’t meet your needs. No matter how much more effort you give or new business you bring in—it doesn’t seem to make a difference. For a while now, you’ve realized you are worth more and your bills demand a pay raise.
  4. You wake up every day wishing it was the weekend. Sure, we all have some days where we don’t want to go into work but, everyday?—not so much. Life is short. During that short time, we will see our coworkers more than our family members. The majority of our awake hours are spent at work. You should at least want to go to work.
  5. Drama is found in abundance. You walk into the office and it feels like there is a strong undercurrent of cliques and backstabbing. If work feels more like an unhealthy environment than anything else, it might be time to change careers.
  6. You feel like your job is pointless. During self-reflection, we tend to ask ourselves the question, “Do I matter?” It’s hard to have a job where you don’t feel like you are contributing to society or making an impact in the world.


Making the Transition

Sometimes it takes a bit of courage and a leap of faith to make a career change. We know that. That’s why we, at The Howard Group, have made it as easy as possible to switch. We have a strong team environment with world-class training to help ease the transition.


The last Career Change You Have to Make

Beyond the transition, we are looking for agents ready to make their last career change.  We offer an opportunity for those who are tired of switching careers and are ready to find their career home, meaning, we look at the reasons why people change careers and make sure that doesn’t happen here.

  • We take the time to award our agents doing a great job with incentive trips, awards, and more.
  • Your income reflects your effort. With same day advances and growing residual income, you will finally be making what you are worth.
  • Once your performance improves and you seem to outgrow one position, we are happy to train you to take on your own team.
  • Our team operates more like a family than anything else. We succeed together and offer help in abundance. There is always a managing agent, meeting, or conference call ready to aid in your success.
  • Our agents describe their job as meaningful. They are ready to go to work because they know their job matters. Selling final expense means helping out a lot of families on one of their darkest days. It’s not uncommon for one of our agents to receive a call from their clients thanking them. It is rewarding to know that your job matters.


So, go ahead and make what just might be your last career change.



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