Are you thinking of selling final expense life insurance?

Well, we’re glad to hear about your possible career change. Here are just a few reasons our agents make their last career change to sell final expense insurance with The Howard Group.

We are a part of the largest final expense agency.

This is a great thing for a few reasons. First, you become a part of something that is established with a reliable name. We are a part of a company that was founded in 1963. This means we know the industry inside and out. With our knowledge, we bring the best possible solutions and packages to our clients.

We have a large capital base to pull from. Our clients’ policies are paid off within 24 hours of the claim approval which also means that our agents enjoy same day advances on all policies they close.

Incentive Trips

We work hard, but we play event harder—and the best part is, the world is our playground. Looking at our incentive trips, we’ve been there, seen that, and crossed off bucket list items. Our hardworking agents have been to Boca Raton, Scotland, Dominican Republic, Panama City, Munich, and Kona…just to name a few.

Residual Income

Residual Income is an interesting perk to this career path. Basically, it means that our agents continue to get paid on their past active sales. So, every month they get an increasing check on their past sales—with no additional efforts.


We accept agents from all walks of life – from those who have experience to those who have never sold. We are just looking for those who are coachable, willing to learn, and hardworking. However, to sell final expense insurance, you have to be licensed. To remedy this, we have meetings that will help you train and prepare for your licensing exam.


The Howard Group is more than just another group of business associates; we are more like a family. We push each other to excellence, learn from one another, share our struggles, and most importantly, celebrate each other’s victories.

You’ll get out what you put in to this business. One of the main ways to get support throughout the week/month is with our conference calls and meetings. Generally speaking, we’ve found that the most successful agents are the ones that participate.


So, if it’s time for a career change, check out The Howard Group!


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