Incentive Trip to Kona Hawaii

THG Takes an Incentive Trip to Kona, Hawaii

We appreciate our agents.

This month, for all our agents who qualified, we are going on our annual incentive trip.

Working for one of the leading companies in final expense has its perks. Among the many benefits, is knowing that your job is appreciated. Every year that appreciation is shown in the form of a grand incentive trip. It’s more than simple recognition or a trophy, it’s an experience that none will soon forget.

These trips are always filled with unique food, culture, relaxation, and fun adventures. This year, our adventure is taking us to the Big Island of Hawaii, Kona.

Going to exotic Hawaii for a week is a unique experience that is enough to entice many of our agents in itself. However, our company pushes it a step further. It is more than a motivator. The itinerary is packed full and will make you feel appreciated. For our hardworking agents, it is a welcomed, and needed, vacation.

Kona offers gourmet experiences, private tours, water adventures, leisure activities, shopping, a gala and more. This is not a one-size-fits-all trip, but rather creates the opportunity for each of our agents to tailor their experience to their taste.

Foodies can eat to their hearts content on our resort site or around the island. Adventure goers can go on their own exploration with dolphins in the water or keep their land legs and explore there. If our agents are just looking for good relaxation, they can enjoy the beach.

This is a bucket-list worthy trip. The best part is that it’s paid for by the company that cares for you.

While we go to different destinations every year, one thing is the same—it’s always an unforgettable experience.


Looking to go on our next incentive trip?

Are you looking to join a company that appreciates your efforts? We’d love to have you. Our company is one that works hard and plays even harder. Browse our website to see if we are a good fit for you. We hope to see you on the plan next year!


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