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Residual Income Is The Key To Success

Residual income is a key part of our agents’ success. It allows them to build the life they’ve always wanted and worked hard to deserve.

Consider for a moment that you get an extra check worth thousands of dollars every month.

Now imagine in this scenario, how would your life be different?

  1. Would you vacation more?
  2. Would you build a new life for you and your family?
  3. Would you upgrade your house and car?
  4. Would you retire early?

Those different decisions are finally an option with residual income.

What is Residual Income?

Let’s back up for a moment and define residual income.

Residual income is passive income. Passive income means that you do not trade additional time or effort to receive money. Instead, residual income means that you continue to get paid after the work is done.

You continue to reap the benefits from work that you’ve done in the past.

Every month our agents get a growing check. The number on their check is based on past sales from their previous months. The check amount grows exponentially as their sales compile on each other. This once-a-month check quickly becomes funds they can count on for their bills, recreational activities, families, and more.


Residual Income makes all the difference.

Most salespeople will talk about the struggle of starting over every month at zero. Last month they had a killer month and made 60 thousand dollars. However, that does not effect this month—or the coming months. Someone with no residual income has no security.

We’ve found that our team performs better when they feel secure and not anxious if their bills will be paid.

It’s nearly impossible to plan your retirement, pick out your dream house, or build a better life—if you cannot count on a certain income coming in every month to pay their associated bills.

Without residual income, there can be building stress. Sure, a few months out of the year you might blow away your goal and feel absolutely alive, but what about the other months?

A sales position with residual income does not take away the months a person feels exhilarated. A hard worker will still exceed their goals and make an insane amount in a month.

What residual income does do, is bridge the gaps. It takes away a bit of the sting of bad months. It gives security that your bills can be paid with the income coming in every month. It is a sales job with less stress and more security.

It’s security for the bad months. It’s security for if you fall ill. Residual income means you still have income to fall back on—even if you’re unable to put in additional effort or time.

If you’ve worked hard, you should never have to worry about if your bills will be paid.


Residual Income is Hard Work.

Unfortunately, The Howard Group is not giving you an approach to quickly and easily build a rich life.

Fortunately, we are giving you an approach that is real and sustainable.


Any of our agents will agree that this job may be one of the hardest they’ve ever had. In order to build your residual income, you have to hustle for the sales.

Hustling means rearranging your schedule to meet your potential client before they head to work or after their long day in the office. Our agents work long days, problem solve to meet the clients needs, and are attentive.

However, our team will also tell you that although this has been one of their most challenging careers, it is absolutely worth it.

Yes, building residual income is hard work. However, our agents are not just building residual income, they’re constructing a life.

If you’re ready for security, freedom, and income you can count on— contact us for more information.


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