Barry Rader's Retirement Plan

Looking for a New Retirement Plan?

At a time in his life when he never expected to have to start over, Barry Rader had to begin again after the economic crash in 2008. At his age, he was concerned about retirement and being financially secure for his future.

After some research to find the right career, he found The Howard Group selling final expense. Not only was it a great opportunity, but it was also comforting to be a part of nation’s industry leader, Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company. As part of The Howard Group team, he was able start his own team. This business is his new retirement plan.

Even if you didn’t properly plan for retirement, like Barry, you can still amass your future with residual income. Read more about residual income on the Residual Income Is The Key To Success blog.

Meet Barry

If Barry described you and you’re ready to build your own retirement plan, be financially stable, and help others in the process, learn more about us.

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The Howard Group has territories in the Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, and Florida area.



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