Are you Looking to Make a Career Change?

The Howard Group recognizes that unfortunately, at different points of our lives, we find ourselves looking for a new job or career.

Maybe you were laid off or bouncing from here to there. Perhaps, it’s a different situation and you just never found a job that felt like a career. You look out and around your cubical and see that your job has no future, growth, or potential. Whatever prompted your career change, one thing is certain—it’s time to move on.

Our agents understand your struggle.

Most of us have been doing what you are doing; searching for a job just trying to keep the lights on for another week. It’s surprisingly difficult.

The good news is we have a job opportunity that will do more than just keep the lights on. A lot more. Joining our team for a new career, could change everything for you.

Here are some of the ways it has changed our agents’ lives already:

  • Chad was on the brink of homelessness. Now, he makes over a quarter of a million dollars every year.
  • Frank came to us with no sales experience and now is a managing agent over his own agency.
  • With no retirement plan, Barry needed to start over after the 2008 collapse. He was able to recoup everything he lost and more.

Check out Chad, Frank, and Barry’s video testimonies as well as many others on our website.

Do you have what it takes to make a life-changing career move?

The bad news is that this job isn’t easy. If you want an easy, get rich quick scheme—you have to look somewhere else. Those jobs seem to good to be true because they are. While this career is rewarding, it requires a lot of effort.

In fact, you’ll soon discover that this opportunity is full of:

-Long hours on the road

-Late nights

-And many days you’ll be tempted to quit….

The good news is that we are currently hiring and you have a chance to join one of the most successful final expense agencies in the nation. We sell final expense for an industry leader, Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company ®.

Sure, it’s not the not the most exciting industry—but it pays well. Really, really well. In fact, many of our agents make over $50,000 their first year. More than the monetary benefit is the gratification of being able to help people through a dark time in their lives.

Maybe you’re hesitant to make the first step because you lack sales experience. That’s no problem! We’ll teach you everything you’ll need to know. Nothing is stopping you from changing your life today. All that we ask is that you are willing to follow a proven system, be coachable, and do the work.

If you can do that, you’ll enjoy:

Residual income

Amazing cash flow

Same day advances

Creating your own schedule

Unlimited income potential

Expert training

Incentive trips

The satisfaction of helping people when they need it most

The Howard Group believes in working hard and playing even harder!

Ready to take the next step?

If you need more information check out what makes The Howard Group different.

Interested in joining a winning team? We were and we are glad we made the next step. To join our team and see if it is a right fit for you, go to our online application. It’s time to make, what just might be, your last career change.

Check out our Website, Facebook, and YouTube channel and get to know our team a little bit better.

The Howard Group has territories in the Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, or Florida area.


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