Looking for a Final Expense Career?

Looking for a new career? What about a career in Final Expense!

You may be ready for a career change. If you’re ready for unlimited income potential, living a life you deserve, and providing for your family—the WIT Group could be your answer. It’s time to be your own boss.

You’ve never been in sales?—No problem, we have a proven system to train and equip you with all the skills you may need.

You may have had other sales jobs, but trust us—not like the WIT Group’s opportunity. Other sales jobs have tremendous uncertainty. Housing market, mortgages, and car sales are all dependent on the economy. If the economy goes through a downturn—your sales also take a dip.

Final expense is one of the rare industries that remains steady. Final Expense insurance is always needed—therefore no matter what the economy is doing, you always have a market.

Don’t settle for starting over every month. Build an income that you can count on every month. Find a job that works for you! Discover a final expense career.


The Howard Group has a proven system to create successful agents in their final expense career path.

Every week starts with a Monday morning conference call. Throughout the week you have access to agents who have already made their final expense career a success. They have stood in the threshold of this career and accepted the challenge.

From long work days blending into the night, to making that one last stop to potential clients. It’s hard work, but for all those who make it through, it has been one of the best career choices they have made.


Perks of choosing a Final Expense Career with The Howard Group

  1. Be your own boss on your schedule
  2. Create a life that your family deserves
  3. Encouragement and support from your WIT Group family.
  4. Having access to leaders who have already succeeded.
  5. Incentive trips for contest winners
  6. Residual income opportunity
  7. So much more!

For more perks or information on joining our winning team, checkout our website.


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