Support from family

The Importance of Support for a Salesperson

Support for a Salesperson

Support is valuable to any sales team. Being able to get the needed encouragement can make all the difference.

We teach our agents how to communicate the stresses of their job to family members—because there is nothing like a motivational phone call from your loved ones during a long day. Calls cheering agents on to get one more sales or visit one more lead is, often times, the reason for achieving amazing success.

Also, once you join The Howard Group team, your family expands.

The Howard Group is truly more of a family than anything else. We celebrate victories together and rally when the disappointments come. More than that, The Howard Group trains for success. We have a proven system to help you sell. However, some days it’s hard. It’ll feel like you get more rejections than people who are ready to sign up. So, we train for setbacks too.

The truth is, sales jobs often have setbacks in the beginning. At the start, you’re still adjusting to our system and without completely embracing our proven system, it’s difficult to sell.

Lack of support, unwillingness to put forth hard work, and the inability to follow our system are the main reasons we see agents fail. So, knowing this, we combat these obstacles to create optimal selling conditions for our sales agents. We have weekly training events and conference calls to aid any of our agents that want help. Especially in the beginning, there is a direct correlation between events attended and sales made. Beyond our events, all agents are assigned to a Managing General Agent that is always available for advice and support.

And once the sales come in, the rewards are addicting.


The Rewards

While our agents work hard, they play even harder. And here is why…

Our agents are noticeably more motivated to sell once they start seeing their residual income build up. This is income based on past sales. It’s passive. Meaning, our agents continue getting paid on past sales that they’ve made on all active accounts. With no additional effort, our team enjoys making money before they even get out of bed.

After that residual income check starts to pay off all monthly expenses, agents realize they’ve found their forever career.

Other than the income, our career has many perks that keep agents motivated. We have incentive trips that are all expense paid for our hardworking agents. In the latest years we’ve ventured to Kona, Munich, Panama City, Dominican Republic, Scotland, and Boca Roton…just to name a few.

Excited? We hope so!

Discover The Howard Group difference for yourself.


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