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Meet Justin 

CEO of The Howard Group, Justin Howard, began his career in the carpet cleaning industry. Now, he is living a life that he could only dream of and a life that was made possible when he made his last career move. That career move brought him to the final expense industry with Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company.


After returning from the military in 1999, a good friend, Brad Jennings, mentioned an opportunity as an agent selling final expense insurance for Lincoln Heritage. Without hesitating, Justin jumped on board. With no previous experience in the industry and a lot of trial and error, he made $54,000 his first year. As time went on he started to progress. He learned from his experiences and along with Brad, built a system for himself and other agents to follow. As a result, his income grew to $90,000 his second year and $128,000 his third year.


The longer Justin stayed in the final expense industry, the job became more about helping others and less about the money. The money that he earned became an added perk that just kept growing, especially with the help of residual income; the key to building his long term wealth and becoming successful. The Funeral Advantage Program that Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company offers truly helped peoples lives. He started to appreciate what he was doing and how he could benefit others.


Now, with over 300 agents in The Howard Group and growing, Justin offers a proven system for people looking to join his team.


“The goal is there you just have to fight like hell to get there.” ~ Justin Howard



Meet Justin’s Family

As his residual income grew, he realized how big of a positive impact it had on his family. He found that unless he was a mega athlete, there was no better way to provide for his family in the same financial way. Justin attributes much of his success to his wife, Jenny. Listen to Jenny tell her journey with Justin in the final expense industry.


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