Creating a Better Life Starts with a New Career

Start an Amazing Life With a New Career.

Are you ready to change your life for the better? If so, a good place to start is a new career. Your career sets the tone for the life you and your family will live. You can choose to do the bare minimum in everything you do, but that also means you’ll live a bare minimum life. It’s time to do more in order to further experience what life has to offer.

Most of our agents, before they came to The Howard Group, hit rock bottom. Who hasn’t? We’ve all hit the slump once or twice in our lives. The difference is that instead of staying down—The Howard Group team decided to stand up.

My team is glad they stood up and worked hard for multiple reasons. Let me share a few of our motivators with you.

Hard Work.

Sure, it’s nice to get handouts from time to time, but that’s not life. In this career, you will work the hardest you have ever worked in your life. In the beginning, you will hear “no” more than “yes”. You will feel like quitting, but then something magical happens.

You follow our system, you allow yourself to become coachable, and then you are suddenly making sales.

Nothing in life worth having comes for free. Likewise, you’ll work hard in this career — it makes the perks that much more rewarding.

We work hard and play even harder.

The Prestige.

Most of us have that one thing we work towards, because once we have it, we know we’ve made it. Maybe it’s a dream car, a big house, a boat, or something completely different. Maybe it’s more of the autonomy of being your own boss. Whatever that defining moment is for you, this job can help you achieve that goal. Come to one of our events and see what some of our agents have achieved.

The Unlimited Earning Potential.

Working for one of the top life insurance companies in the nation has its perks. One of the many perks is the ability to earn passive and active income. You’ll receive quick advances on your sales, and residual income on your past sales. That’s right! You read correctly—your monthly check will reflect the numbers of your current sales and even the sales that came before them. Watch your income grow as the numbers are stacked up on top of each other.

The Travel.

In October 2016, our company is headed to the Big Island of Kona, Hawaii! We’ll be drinking colorful cocktails with little umbrellas, watching unforgettable sunsets, and snorkeling in the tropical never-never land of the Aloha State.

Last year, we went to Germany for Oktoberfest. We explored the country, ate food, celebrated, and painted the town.

Next year, it’ll be somewhere just as amazing. Oh, and these trips are all done on the company’s dime! These annual trips are earned through hard work. Once you qualify, you’ll join our team for an amazing, all-inclusive, company- sponsored trip.

The Legacy.

When you make this career change, you are not just making a decision for yourself. You are choosing to create a better life for the family and friends you love. The Howard Group is allowing you to build your legacy to pass on to your upcoming generations. With this career, you’ll finally be able to spoil the ones you love the way they deserve.

Are You Ready to Join The Howard Group in a New Career?

If our agents could make this life possible, it is possible for you too. All you need to do is be coachable, persistent, and ready to learn. Make the most money you have ever made in your life, become your own boss, and roam the world with us. For more information, wander around our website or fill out an application.


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