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From unparalleled ongoing support and training, to unforgettable company trips sponsored by The Howard Group and Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company®, The Howard Group is changing lives every day.

The best agents know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that success isn’t given. It’s earned.

Work Hard. Play Harder. Although we operate in the United States, our company trips include going to Panama, The Dominican Republic, Munich, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. You name it and it’s on our list! Any agent in The Howard Group, whether you have been around for a while or you have just signed up, has a chance to qualify for some of these life-changing experiences.

Interested? Get your passport ready. The world is a big, wonderful place…


Two years ago I started with a company that I initially thought would be a great fit.

I had lost a job with a fantastic company three months before and was at the end of my rope. I was broken mentally, emotionally, and fiscally. I had reached out to Chad Lewis because I had seen him posting what he was doing. The trips, the money, but more importantly the way he was helping families in their darkest hour – the loss of a loved one.

I ended up meeting him at BW3 for a session that would change my life. I was so broken at the time that I was driving 10 miles under the speed limit to Columbus to save gas! I was so worried that I wouldn’t make it back to Urbana! I was praying that Chad would buy my beer… but he didn’t. I still give him grief. Lol! He ended up taking me to Bradly Jennings house and I was blown away by how successful this man was yet, at the same time, how caring and involved he was with his employees. I was definitely wrong about one thing. This wasn’t going to be just a good job. It turned out to be destiny. It turned out to be an AMAZING career.

By the end of 2013, I knew without a doubt that I was where I was supposed to be. I met Alex Jennings who has as much compassion for the business and her husband’s employees as he does. I also met Justin Howard and Jennifer Howard who welcomed me with open arms and have also provided love and encouragement. I met so many others that I hope to mention later and I know I will forget some that have been there for me – offering advice, help, and patience.

Through it all, Chad Lewis and his bride now, Tonya Lewis, have been my biggest cheerleaders and support. I have NO IDEA what I did to fall into this amazing situation, but am forever grateful. I went from pawning things (yes, I went to a pawn store just to buy gas to go to work) to being able to build my own agency in less than two years!

In the last two years I have traveled to Key West, Belize, The Country of Panama, Phoenix and am going to Germany in October. Has it been easy? The answer is a resounding “NO”. It has been a grind – A LOT of work, but richly rewarded. I now get an amazing residual check each month that also continues to build each month. Listen to this: I get a check before actually going to work! I have met people that have become family, and not just work family. I cannot begin to describe how grateful I am for the support, the encouragement, and the advice of the ones that have blazed the way for me. I am eternally grateful and blessed.

Remko Bloemhard

Six years ago, today, I decided I was “ALL IN”.

Not one day has passed since that day that I haven’t been “ALL IN” with Lincoln Heritage.

Not one day has passed where I have ever even questioned my decision.

It is absolutely mind blowing to me what this opportunity has afforded a kid from a small town who was always more interested in being a clown than taking anything in school serious, a kid who never finished college, and a kid who had made several bad decisions throughout life. This one decision made with Lincoln Heritage has given me the opportunity to overcome EVERY bad decision I have ever made.

It has allowed me to travel to places I had never even heard of. It has allowed me to provide my family with things I never dreamed possible. It has provided me with an extended family that I will have forever.

With all of that being said, the craziest thing about it all is I have barely scratched the surface of what this opportunity can provide me. I’m blessed beyond belief and have to pinch myself everyday.

To anyone who has played a part in my success here, please know that I love you and appreciate you more than I can ever say!

Chad Lewis

After searching for a great career opportunity for many years, I have finally found my home here with Lincoln Heritage and The Howard Financial Group. I was in sales for 8 years before I came aboard here and had always been a top contender, but was never satisfied with the income or the people I worked with. I have now been here sine 2006 and have increased my income every year, building up an agency which is one of the top 10 agencies in the company. I will put it this way – after seeing what the other final expense companies have to offer, I would never consider working elsewhere. Nobody has the lead program, underwriting, product, or support like Lincoln Heritage. I get flyers in the mail all of the time for new opportunities with other insurance companies that offer higher contracts or strict underwriting, but no leads. What good is a higher contract without a great lead program or liberal underwriting?

Lincoln Heritage has a high contract, very liberal underwriting, and the best lead program. I am sure that being in business for 50 years and the leader in the final expense market has something to do with that. On top of that, they reward our success with the greatest vacations like Paris, Cabo, Boca Raton, and Dominican Republic. I have also established great residual income working our proven system and get the satisfaction of knowing that I have helped so many families that needed it.

Thank you, Lincoln Heritage and Howard Financial Group.

Aaron Caldarea

I’ve been with Lincoln Heritage since 2007 and I can say, without a doubt, that there is no other life insurance company out there that treats their agents better than this. Not just because of the competitive rates and contracts, exclusive and superior product, and same day advances, but things I have never thought about before – like the support you get at the home office.

The fact that you get to talk to a live person every time you call and you don’t have to deal with an automated system makes my job so much easier. Anyone who answers the phone has the ability and training to help me which means they don’t have to keep transferring me from department to department to get my questions answered. The support we get in the field is second-to-none as well. Brad and Justin have worked tirelessly to help me build my agency and I know they are doing the same thing for a lot of other agents too. I consider myself lucky everyday for answering that ad in the newspaper.

Thank you, Lincoln Heritage and Howard Financial Group!

Shawn Conatser

Since I started my career almost six years ago with Lincoln Heritage, Brooke and I have been rewarded with all-expense-paid vacations to Scotland, The Dominican Republic, Panama, The Grand Cayman Islands, and, as of last night, we’re officially going to Germany.

All of this for simply doing what I love. The best part about all of these trips is that I get to do it all with an amazing group of Lincoln Heritage employees – the best of the best! They’ve turned into our extended family and I love hanging out with them on these unbelievable conventions. On top of that, I’m so proud of three individual agents in my agency who also qualified for this convention. So, congrats to Rob Jones, Tez Mccree, and Damon Dillard. I love you guys to death and the men you’ve become since your Lincoln Heritage journey has begun. You’re great men, providers for your families, and huge assets to our Liquid Life agency. I’m honored to call you my friends.

So, this is how the next couple of months are shaping up for me: private jet to Puerto Rico at the end of July, managers’ retreat in a fifty plus-person chalet in the mountains of Gatlinburg, and last but not least a trip to Germany in October with my loving wife. I am so blessed, so honored, and so appreciative.

Thank you, Lincoln Heritage, for this life you’ve offered.

Keith Jackowski


The Howard Group has been in business for over sixteen years and continues to grow every day. Our focus is on the Senior Market, particularly to fulfill Final Expense needs for our clients.

Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company (LHLIC) is the carrier for our products. LHLIC was established in 1963 and conducts business in 49 states and the District of Columbia while maintaining an A- rating with A.M. Best. This proves that Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company is, indeed, the Leader in Final Expense. You might ask, “What makes your products so great?” More than a simple whole life policy, our Final Expense product is unique – no other company has anything like it.

In addition to this exclusive product, LHLIC’s rates are very competitive. We offer the best underwriting in the industry, and all non-contestable claims are paid within 24 hours upon receipt of the death certificate. Try to find another company who pays out so quickly!

HLIC does not run MIB’s (medical information bureau reports), which means that policies are issued quickly and easily.

Our business success rests on the shoulders of our qualified agents and representatives. We are now hiring. As an agent contracted with Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company, you will receive same-day advances upon submission of new business. This means that if LHLIC receives your business on Monday, your commission will be deposited in your bank account by Tuesday morning. LHLIC also offers a comprehensive health, life, and dental insurance plan to agents (and their families) who meet the production requirements. These requirements are definitely attainable, and the home office subsidizes a portion of the cost as well.