Shawn Conatser Final Expense Career Quote

Shawn Conatser’s Final Expense Career

A New Life Journey in a Final Expense Career

The Howard Group would like to introduce one of their Managing General Agents, Shawn Conatser. He chose a final expense career with us and has never looked back.

He joined The Howard Group from the home improvement industry. He was tired of starting over at zero every January and struggling to provide for his family. The Howard Group, a leading final expense agency with Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company®, was the solution. There, Shawn Conatser found a new journey in his final expense career.

Shawn knew that there had to be a company out there that would pay him more income the longer he was with the corporation. With this in mind, he saw an ad created by The Howard Group’s founder Justin Howard. The ad called for motivated sales people looking for the opportunity for residual income.

Residual Income

The residual income was a huge selling point for Shawn. He was tired of working hard month after month and still starting over every year. Residual income is money he can count on every month. It is a set amount that he has earned through hard work based on his past sales. The more sales he and his team makes, the larger his residual income has become.

After some years of hard work in his final expense career, his residual income is double his annual home improvement income.

A New Life

Answering Justin’s ad has been a highlight in his career choices. He finally has a career where he does what he loves. Being in the home improvement industry, he has always enjoyed helping people. A finale expense career with The Howard Group allows him to still help people during their time of need.

Shawn Conatser says that the best part of his final expense career path with The Howard Group is the longevity. He recognizes that this line of work takes hard work and dedication. However, if you put in the time, effort, and follow The Howard Group system—your income will flourish.

Longevity and a reliable income is what it came down to for Shawn. He made the switch from home improvement industry to final expense career and he has not regretted this decision.

Get In Contact

If you are looking for a career change visit the The Howard Group website, and see if it is a good fit for you.

You can also visit the WIT Group’s YouTube channel to hear more about Shawn’s journey and some of the other agents’ stories.





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