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From unparalleled ongoing support and training, to unforgettable company trips sponsored by The Howard Group and Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company®, The Howard Group is changing lives every day. The best agents know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that success isn’t given. It’s earned. Work Hard. Play Harder. Although we operate in the United States, our company trips include going to Panama, The Dominican Republic, Munich, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. You name it and it’s on our list! Any agent in The Howard Group, whether you have been around for a while or you have just signed up, has a chance to qualify for some of these life-changing experiences. Interested? Get your passport ready. The world is a big, wonderful place…

Our Difference

There are multiple aspects to the secret of our success. The Howard Group is more than just another group of business associates. We are more like family; a very close team. We push each other to excellence, learn from one another, share our struggles, and most importantly, celebrate each other’s victories. Many of our associates attribute their success to the continuous support provided by the Howard management team. You are not alone.


Justin Howard

Justin Howard


Justin Howard is the CEO of Howard Group

The Howard Group - Celebrating 20 Years!

The Howard Group (THG) has over 300 associates actively pursuing their personal dreams. While there are a myriad of funeral (or final expense) agencies, The Howard Group is clearly different. Not only are we one of the largest and oldest agencies in the nation, but the secret of our organizational success is in the success of our individual agents; we educate and empower them with world-class training.

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